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Know what you have and where you have it!

Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start?

I’m here to help.


You can love your home, thrive at work, and bring order to your life with the right support.

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She is non-judgemental and keeps your work with her confidential

She has 10+ years of experience in the organizing and productivity industry and is a Certified Professional Organizer®

She listens to your needs, and creates personalized solutions that work for you


Interior Design Objects


Kelly teaches how to think differently about where you put things and what habits are helpful to maintain (or break away from). She helps you reorganize in a way that is simple and sustainable! We couldn’t be happier - our home is less cluttered, I can see where things are, find what we need faster - we feel less chaotic and more peaceful!!

White Objects


THANK YOU for coming to my home and helping me reorganize the office. I was feeling overwhelmed, and the plan that you set up gave me clarity on what steps I needed to take. I am more productive now that it's clutter-free!

Home Decor


Kelly comes to your home with lots of enthusiasm and ideas. She helped me get folders organized for my office to pay bills, organize reading, travel, and tasks to do, etc. She left me with an overview of what we discussed and what I still had to do. Never pushy, but filled with good practice ideas to make your office, mind, and life feel less cluttered.

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